Dynamite In Action

In Sports

During Icehockey World Championship Tournament 2016 held in Russia, three different campaings were executed with Wake Dynamite. Advertisers or Valve's contact persons were able to react to game and edit commercial messages just minutes before it aired.

In Live Broadcast

Great Journalist Gala, Book of the Year

WakeDynamite is used to display the winning books advert right after the show.

Multichannel publishing

Winter Marathon

Marketing Planning Manager uses WakeDynamite to insert real-time leaderboard of a sports event to boost a promotional campaign.

Web Banner Campaign Autumn 2016  

In autumn 2016 a Weather Data Driven dynamic winter tyres banner campaign was run in OtavaMedia banner network (OM-Ron) using WakeDynamite. The banner ads reminded people of slippery conditions or an approaching snowfall and suggested people to check their tyres. There is no limit when creating data driven advertisement campaigns such as this. The weather is a good example of using data in real-time advertisement made possible by WakeDynamite. Weather data was provided by Foreca.

Promo video demostrating the multichannel features

Promotion video where a Marketing Manager uses WakeDynamite to change a campaign according the results of the horse race.