What if you could modify your
commercial message just before it airs?

With WakeDynamite advertisers can react in real-time and modify their messages to fit the situation.

WakeDynamite is used by


For Media Houses and Publishers

Dynamic Content Management Tool for Ads

Access campaigns on TV or online and modify the contents of the advertisements with your browser. Prices, product pictures or even voice-overs can be modified and previewed - just moments before broadcasting the ad.

New Revenue streams

Ability to modify advertising on previously rigid channels like television, and offering content management tools for advertisers creates new revenue streams.

For Media and Creative Agencies

New Creative Avenues

Ability to modify advertising in real-time on channels like television, internet and display change the nature of  advertising. Enabling you to implement campaigns that are truly relative for the moment.

Single Point of Control

WakeDynamite gives you single point of control for modifying your advertising campaign for all channels. Reducing the communication effort between parties and possibility of human error.

Browser Based Content Management

the content can be managed by the agencies or by the brand itself. Content edits can be done to a single commercial or the entire campaign at once. Content can be scheduled based on time or display instance.

New Ways of Marketing for Brands

  • WakeDynamite enables your Marketing team to react to live broadcast events - think of sports and reality shows.
  • Follow what is happening on Twitter or Facebook and grab the trending hashtags on the go.
  • Changes in your market situation - go for the plan B campaign if there is a delay in production!
  • What about the weather? The Snowmaggeddon didn't happen? Roll out the T-shirt campaign!