News - October 21, 2016

WakeDynamite hits the jackpot!

First place in the Think Ink innovation competition

WakeDynamite won first prize in the Think Ink competition organized by the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland. The award ceremony was held on 16th November at a media day event in Helsinki, Finland.

WakeDynamite is a service product for various media channels developed by Valve, a Finnish marketing, technology and communications agency. WakeDynamite enables real time marketing on television, online platforms and other digital media. The advertisers can modify and tailor the content of their own ads in real time – something that was not possible before. WakeDynamite revolutionises ad concepts – reacting to real time events is now made possible. Earlier, the television ads have had to be ready at least three days before the broadcast.

”A big thank you to the Think Ink competition. This is a fantastic recognition for our work. And what is particularly great, is that now the forerunners from media companies and advertising have recognized the benefits of real time advertising, also globally. Media companies are able to gain totally new kind of earnings with WakeDynamite advertising concept,” says Isto Kannisto, CEO of Valve Media and WakeDynamite project leader.  

During the competition, WakeDynamite service concept took a big leap forward. The business plan was refined and we received good tools for developing the idea further. The concept has been developed for years and it has now found its place and shape as a service product. The product has been piloted during the project together with advertisers on MTV channels, a Finnish media and broadcasting company.

“The demand clearly exists and there is no similar service found elsewhere. We have presented WakeDynamite service at international events and it has been very well received. Winning the competition strengthens this impression we already had,” states Product Manager Tuomo Kulomaa from Valve Media.

The aim of the competition’s theme for this year, ReThink Ink – Revolutionize Advertising, was to receive new domestic solutions for media advertising – solutions that can increase income from advertising. The jury, consisting of media and advertising professionals, awarded WakeDynamite the first prize after many different phases from among 63 candidates.

“Novelty value, implementation potential good, execution proven, knowledge and knowhow, and in the core of the competition’s theme. The WakeDynamite team raises confidence and is also very inspiring” was how the Think Ink competition described the winner.

One of the significant milestones during the project was founding the new company Wake Dynamite Oy. The mission of the company is to develop the product further and take it to international markets.

“There could not be a better start for the new company than winning this competition,” says Kannisto.

For more information:

Isto Kannisto, CEO, Valve Media, tel. +358 40 1897114,
Tuomo Kulomaa, Product Manager, Valve Media, tel. +358 400 623 480, 

About the competition:  

Reach, engage and activate your audience in real-time across all screens and channels with our integrated ad platform. Our mission is to help brands to interact, inspire and communicate relevant and dynamic content to connected audience wherever they are. Our integrated ad platform enables real time modifying of content in TV-, display and outdoor ads.

WakeDynamite is a spin-off from Valve Group, a creative digital agency in Finland. Core team consists of professionals with vast knowledge and experience of television, digital services, software development and media marketing.